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“Stars and Bars” – Observations

Stars and Bars

This flag was used as a navy jack at sea in the 1800s.
This flag was the battle flag for different corps in US history.
This flag has been linked to the Confederate States during the US Civil War.
This flag was used by the Democratic Party (also known as the Dixiecrats) who’s motto was “We stand for the segregation of the races.”
This flag has been used to represent oppression.
There are still countless numbers who see this flag as a symbol of a way of life, not of hate, but of hospitality and values.

Not everyone sees this flag as the same thing. Does this make every person who identifies with this flag a bad person?

I recognize this flag has significant historical value for many reasons.

There was a time for this flag to be flown.

That time has passed.

As my son likes to sing to me often, people need to “let it go” and move forward.

..end transmission..