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Remembering And Recapping

So, yesterday was my 22nd wedding anniversary. The night before, Facebook was kind enough to remind me. I was allowed to add a comment to the notice and a couple pictures for all the Facebook World to see.
This is what I typed:

Lived in our home for over 18 years now. Not long after we moved in, I wrote something on a note card and taped it to the bathroom mirror on Lucenda’s side. Every time she looked into the mirror, she would see it. About 3 years ago, the old tape let go. She had it clipped to the basket sitting on the side of the sink. The note was still visible. This is what that note says …
“As the sun rises each day to bathe the land in brilliant splendor, your face floods my heart with unmeasurable joy!”
I was blessed to have been her husband for 21 and a half years.
You are still the most beautiful woman in the world my Hug-A-Bunny.

Followed by our engagement photo, and our last Family Christmas photo taken December 2013.

(insert photos here)

Today was a busy day. The boy and I went roller skating this afternoon at MagicWheels. We have not been in a month. However, it is still our “go to” place. It was not busy at all. For the most part, it was a great time. I will not go into my issue with parents who let children run the show. I will save that for an other time.

This evening, we went to the General Jackson’s ballgame. It was Disney night. Went to the Will Call table, no tickets .. went to the Will Call window .. no record of me ordering tickets. I am soooo glad for the Credit Union App on my phone. I showed them where it has hit my bank account. They could not give me the tickets I had reserved. However, we got better seats .. once the sun went down.
We both acted silly. I worked hard to embarrass the boy at times. We had pizza and soda. We walked around some. We went in to the store. We raised a smart boy, he immediately recognized the items were extremely over-priced.
At some point, they had on the big screen, various team players sharing their favorite Disney movie song. One player said “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” from his favorite movie “The Arisocats”. I started to cry a bit. That was Lucenda’s favorite also.
After the game, they had fireworks. The presentation was Disney themed. It was a very impressive display. However, the finally startled most of us. They had 4 massive fireballs that we ALL felt the heat from.
During the display, they played various Disney movie songs. When they played Phil Collins “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan, I felt as if it was me saying that to Lucenda. When they played “Let It Go” from Frozen (a very over-played and quoted song) I heard it different for the first time. It is time to let go of the pain and move forward.
All in all, it was a great day … I got to spend it with my son.

.. end transmission ..

A Big Life Step Day

Two days ago, I leaped. I leaped big time.
First of all, while returning home from picking up my son from VBS, I drove by the Nissan dealership. I saw a nice looking truck that caught my eye. So, I turned around and drove into the parking lot. The purpose was to find out what it was.
SIDE NOTE: I have been looking for a few months now. My Toyota Tacoma I had was too small for us. The Dodge Grand Caravan was too much for us. I wanted something in the middle .. a four door smaller truck.
I found out the truck was a Nissan Frontier, crew cab (4 doors). Took it for a test drive. Son loved it instantly, naturally. I learned all it’s features and “modern updates” it had. After allowing the young man to give his monologue, I realized this truck met all the criteria I had formulated in my head over the past months. It even had some extra things I had no clue were included in vehicles these days. I suppose I need to get out more.
As I sat there, I was thinking about not having my wife there with me to discuss it. I already had in my mind what I needed/wanted. Most of what the guy said was babbling to me.
The hardest part of the whole thing was not deciding if it was the right thing to do or not. The hardest part was letting go of a piece of history. While the guy was talking, my mind replayed the day we bought the van, and why. I remembered countless trips. My wife drove the van mostly.
Summing up, I traded the van for the truck.

Well, later that day, after much soul searching, I posed something on Facebook.

3 Things ….
First, I want to be the teacher AND father my son needs me to be.
Second, I want to tell the world about doTERRA Essential oils, their benefits and how they have improved our lives.
Thirdly, I want to pursue my love of photography, professionally.
There, I stated it .. on Facebook no less.
I have a mission, a goal, a dream, and a purpose …
Now, I need support. I need help. I do NOT need critics .. I have more than enough of them right now. I need real friends who TRULY want to help and want to be part of our lives.
My faith in people is really shot right now. My faith in God is what gets me up each day. My love of/for my son is what keeps me going throughout the day.
Look up there at the 3 things I listed. They are not exclusive. They are inclusive. They are me. All or none.

Now, to move forward…

.. end transmission ..